Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Bank Shorts: Schmidlap National Bank Exit Interview

A client lost his temper with his regulator after one of the more youthful examiners threatened to force the bank to write down the entire consumer loan portfolio based on the information that was given to him. The result, an informal enforcement action. There is a lot of tension between examiners and the examined these days, and I thought this would make an appropriate time to launch an animated series, Bank Shorts.

We shouldn't lose our temper with regulators. Below is my perception of how a difficult exit interview between a fictitious banker and examiner in charge would go. Notice the composure maintained by the banker. I was impressed with his performance. Also note who is sitting in the desk chair versus the visitors chair.

Hats off to Bryan Allain, at for giving me the idea regarding these shorts. He has created movies at his blog. He is a witty guy and you should visit his blog, in spite of him being a Red Sox fan.


~ Jeff

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