Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Your Branch in Your Pocket

I am attending the annual ABA Marketing Conference, where I spoke on how marketing can focus efforts on improving profitability and moving their bank forward.

The program had plenty of learning opportunities. One was the best attended general session in conference history, Brett King on the future of banking. Brett is the author of Bank 2.0, Branch Today, Gone Tomorrow, and the forthcoming Bank 3.0 and is what I would term an industry futurist, predicting and staying ahead of where he perceives the industry is going.

In the below clip, Brett speaks of the friction in our system that is slowing our adoption of change. He used the example of Compliance friction, that often thwarts efforts for online account opening and other technology adaptations. He makes the point, quite correctly in my opinion, that there is an irreversible trend in our industry away from customers coming to our branch, and calling us on the phone.

That puts a premium on building our bank's team on customer and prospect outreach, visiting them on their turf, with convenient technologies. Because if we wait for them to come to us, they're likely to go somewhere else.

Are you trying to reverse the trend and encourage customers to come to your branch? If not, how do you reach them?

~ Jeff

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