Saturday, June 01, 2013

Banking and Social Media. Guest Post: If Everyone Told You to Jump Off a Bridge...

By: Shannon Marsico

My sister is still in high school, and she claims she is deprived of everything.  A tactic my sister often uses with my mother when she wants something is stating how “everyone” else is doing it -everyone is going to 
the mall after school, everyone owns an iPhone, everyone is allowed to stay out past 10PM, and so on.  To teens, keeping up with their friends and looking trendy are of the utmost importance.  Their decisions are based on what’s viewed as popular rather than what works best for them as individuals.  Working in media, I have found that some companies get fixated on similar concepts.  Social media is one of today’s hottest trends and most brands are jumping on the bandwagon – If everyone is doing it, why not us?  Read more...

jfb note: The author is pretty sharp, no? The samples are particularly helpful. Enjoy!

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