Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bank Shorts: Sales Culture Gone Wild

When I was a branch manager, I fondly recall competing with a friend and fellow branch manager for the quarterly sales title. My bank, First National Bank of Maryland, had a very transparent incentive compensation system. I could calculate my own and my team's quarterly bonuses to the penny. It was called RAISE... Recognizing Achievement In Sales Excellence.

The challenge was that it was a sales incentive system. So we sold. This may have motivated us to focus on the product de jour rather than customer needs. I think my friend and I were conscientious enough leaders to mitigate this risk. But it did cause us to focus on the types of customers likely to "buy" promoted products and not focus on the bank's strategy.

Enjoy the Bank Short below. If your incentive system revolves around sales versus profitability, then don't be surprised if this is going on in your branches.

Bank Shorts: Sales culture gone wild.
by: jeffmarsico

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