Friday, July 28, 2023

Career in Banking Advice from The Pro's

I recently moderated a Risk Management Association (RMA) panel focused on managing risk in today's environment. Since the panel were seasoned bankers, the audience also wanted to hear some nuggets of wisdom about managing their careers in banking.

The question I asked: If you could give career advice to your 25 year-old self, what would it be?

The panelists were: 

Mike Allen, President of Harford Bank. A career banker with multiple financial institutions, including the long-admired Mercantile from Maryland, Mike elevated up the credit and lending vertical to his current position.

Kevin Benson, President of Rosedale Federal S&L Association. Kevin was a regulator before becoming senior lender at Rosedale, and ultimately to his current position.

Mark Semanie, Maryland Market President, Wesbanco. I first met Mark when he was CFO of a community bank, rising to COO of a different bank that was acquired by Wesbanco, giving way to his current position. Mark did not come into banking until his mid 30's.

Three great leaders, all from different backgrounds. Here is my take on how they responded to my career advice question.

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